I used to hate how petite I was. I noticed other girls my age either had the same or completely different problem. Either way, there was one thing we all had in common.

The Feminine Physique simplifies the female form down to its most basic features: the face, torso, back, and the bum. These features, however, are the most contemplated and criticized. Embracing your own body can be a struggle, especially in a superficial and degrading age. It is important we acknowledge that each body is unique to every person, regardless of shape or size. 

The recurring motif of hearts in each design evokes my appreciation and love for the female form and the heart and soul beyond the surface.

With this collection, I don't hope to accomplish anything, but rather, have the audience accomplish something for themselves-- whether it be a deeper value for their body, or admiring how they look with the earrings.

Ultimately, it starts with loving yourself beneath your physique.



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